healthy soil. healthy crops. healthy people.

“The health of our nation may be impossible to restore without restoring the health of our soils.

Healthy soils and healthy people; this would be the greatest legacy” - William Albrecht

Soft Rock – MDF Mineral Grow wholesale organic fertilizer has become a fertilizer of special interest to growers because it is an economical source for broad range minerals in a form completely available to plants that will not leach out of soils. MDF Mineral Grow lays a solid base released over years for the building up of a sound biological farming program. This yield-boosting product has been used by leading farmers in the U.S. and will continue to help grow top quality products.

Biological Farming is an approach to food and fiber production that respects the natural processes in the farm or garden ecosystem in order to yield top quality products, provide a viable living for the producer and sustain long-term productivity. Practitioners use ecologically sound methods of agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture and livestock husbandry to provide food that is as nutritious and free from toxic residues as possible, and which preserves the balance found in natural ecosystems. All natural, all organic MDF Mineral Grow is truly a fertilizer for nutrition farming.